Infinite Flight Wonders - A Growing List

Sion and Paraty are in! Thank you to everyone for your contributions!

Submitted mine😎👀

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Surprise no one selected Lukla

Lukla would be deleted like a few airports already have been

It’s scenic and all but it’s one of the most used airports in IF

Remember the airports should not be too popular ;)

The topic is now wiki. (Thanks Marc). If you have the TL, feel free to edit the topic directly.

Please remember the rules and do not put pointless/popular airports :)

Please make the formatting the same as it is above to keep uniformity. Here is some formatting help:

Airport Name

“Short advertisement for the airport”

Type: (Airport type such as airport, airstrip, military, etc)
Coordinates: Please take the Wikimedia format. You can get it by typing the airport name in wikipedia and the coordinates will appear under the image of the airport on the wikipedia page. Copy those coordinates.


and make sure to edit the amount of airports stated and the beginning and end of the topic

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Submitted mine, definitely recommend people fly out with a Cub or other General Aviation aircraft, it’s a great hidden airport!

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Just filled it out for PAJN, hope it’s not too big 🥴

All new airports that meet the criteria have been entered!

Those that did not meet the criteria were because the airport was too popular/already had lots of traffic in IF.

Do you think the criteria are too strict?

  • Yes
  • No

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I try my best but it goes really fast (I make an airport in 1 min 37 seconds) so if you see any typos/formatting errors please let me know, it would really help!

Thank you!

See you tomorrow with another million airports in the queue 😉

Mine got added


lol nice work Robertine 😂


I just submitted mine! It was Dzaoudzi Pamandzi (FMCZ) in Mayotte.

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All new airports that fit the criteria are now in!

Thank you to everyone for the submissions!

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These are great airports btw does anyone know how I can get The 6 months of IF Pro instead of the 1 month option

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I’d say NTGJ, French polynesia. For some reason, I cannot fill the form, but it is awsome and the only airport one has to commute to and from by boat ONLY!

Here it is, from a private TBM point of view…

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Reminds me of Toronto billy bishop airport


Every airport has been added! Thank you for your contributions everyone!

We now have a database of 43 airports!

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I put VRMM. I’m not sure if it’s 3D or not. If it’s not I’d love to see it in 3D :D

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I added two from my home state. Hope you like them 😊

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Already added Lukla And Kualanamu 🙌

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Nice work with this Topic. Just submitted an Airport 👍