Infinite flight won’t turned on

Hello somebody help me and tell me why infinite flight won’t work with me again like when i turn it on it crash fast like just 2 second
1- i offload the app
2- i restart my device
And still the same issue

Can you give us device info

The device is iPad pro 2020 12.9 128GB

Any apps open in the background when you fly

No just sometimes i open flight radar 24 for flight plan

Ok have you restarted your device

Yes off course i did i just mention that on the topic

Oh sorry didn’t take that in.

No problem man thx for ur help and for ur replaying

I’m running out of options to suggest maybe we could get a mod here or email IF.

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Is the app crashing directly upon launch? As in:
You tap the icon, quick “black” flash and then back to the main page of your device.

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correct that is what happening with me

When you say that you “offloaded” the app, do you mean that you deleted and reinstalled it or offloaded the data on the app?

no i don’t want to delete the app cuz it will delete every replay video that i have flied so i decide to offload the app on the setting

I think your replays will still be there if you delete the app, as long as you have it backed up

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the pic from my phone i just want to give example of what i did

One option would be to export the replay files you want to keep and then carry out a reinstall.

no it will delete everything that happen with me 3 times

Have you tried closing any apps that could be running in the background?