Infinite Flight with PS4 Controller

Ever wondered if it was possible to play Infinite Flight with a PlayStation 4 controller? After hours of tweaking and configuring settings on my computer, I have developed a method which anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 controller can follow to get theirs setup to use in Infinite Flight. Follow this link here to my video which is a full in-depth tutorial on how to do it:

Happy Landings


Brilliant idea, Jake! I will DEFINITELY try this in my free time.

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Is there a different way for xBox?

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Love the creativity within the app. Good work!

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Hi Jeffrey, I unfortunately have not experimented with an Xbox controller however I believe connecting the controller to the computer may be easier however you may need to use another application such as JoytoKey or Xpadder to map out the keys to the buttons on the controller.

@Jake_McCabe…MaxSez: “Out of the mouth of babes” an old proverb but here it proves it itself again. Brilliant work Jake! Amazing talent learks within the IF community. Well Done, Here’s a BZ placard for your initiative.



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