Infinite flight with new ipad air

Hi guys, just i want know and ask,will run perfectly infinite flight with new ipad air (A12 bionic , 64GB) i want flight with all high setting and with logitech joystic, so i want know will run perfectly with those setting,
Thank you…


Hello and welcome!

Here is a thread to answer your question for the graphics:

Yes, Your ipad should be able to connect to a joystick but you’ll need a computer. More information to connecting your joystick can be found here:


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The new iPad Air will likely run IF at max graphics for some years to come. However, it has not been added to the Device Compatibility Thread yet.

And, as @AlphaSeven said, using a joystick with an iPad is possible, though it requires a computer

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It will. But buying an iPad whereas buying an Xbox One X for the next Microsoft flight simulator (4K 100% 3D 100% animated cars, animals, gorgeous weather etc.) coming very very soon. What to say I’ll wait a bit

I have the exact same Set up as you are planning on having and I can tell you that it will run on high settings with little to no lag ✈👍

I have an iPad Air 2019 and Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick… I can confirm that this device will run IF at maximum graphic settings without any problems, neither heating nor lagging… It’s a great device with high performance… I fly on IF using this device almost everyday without encountering any problems…

I had a look at that thread a while ago, can i just say that not all the information is 100% correct, it says the iPad Air 2 is horrible and not recommended for global but my five year old one can run with everything on high with no problem, so yes I’m quite sure the new one will handle IF very well

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