Infinite flight with fore flight

Hello everyone, I have tried to connect infinite flight to fore flight for more than one hour. It appears on the screen no supported devices, I have one iPad with infinite flight and I was trying to connect my secondary with fore flight. Can someone help me please. Thanks guys!

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I can try to help here. Have you:

  1. enabled ForeFlight Link in the IF settings?
  2. made sure you’re on the same wifi connection with both devices?
  3. started your flight first (you need to spawn in before ForeFlight will see the connection)?

I have tried that, but thanks

Try restarting both apps, start your flight, then open foreflight and check the devices tab in FF settings.

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Doesn’t work 😬

And I’ve al ready payed the subscription 😐

And to be clear you have an active IF subscription AND ForeFlight subscription?

Yes, both of them

Are you on public wifi or at home?

Here’s how to connect to ForeFlight using Infinite Flight:

  1. Shut down both apps
  2. Start Infinite Flight and ensure the ForeFlight Link checkbox is checked in settings
  3. Start a flight (don’t need to start engines)
  4. Open ForeFlight and go to More → Devices. You will see Infinite Flight in the list. In the case of multiple devices listed, click the “Infinite Flight” title

Infinite Flight should now show up. If it doesn’t, make sure you are on a home wifi connection. The ports required for this to work are often blocked on public wifi.


I’m on a public WiFi

Do I have to be on a WiFi with password? I’m on a public wifi

I was also having issues with foreflight connect, refused to connect for me yesterday.

Are you connected now ?

havent checked today but I will when I get the chance

Considering Jason asked whether your on public WiFi I dont think it would work

Ok, I’m going on 2 days home, so I’ll check there.

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Ah - there’s a very good chance the ports required to do this are blocked on public WiFi. We use UDP ports to talk to ForeFlight, and public WiFi networks usually have these blocked. Unfortunately there probably isn’t anything you can do to fix this on public wifi.

If you have an unlimited data plan and a phone you’re not already using, you can use it as a hotspot (which I’ve done successfully). Just be aware a flight can use a lot of data.

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