Infinite Flight with Fore Flight

Hello Pilots!
I always use Fore Flight for infinite flight when I am doing a flight. At the beginning of the flight, everything works great with ForeFlight and the connection. If I go to another app like instagram or such, then go back to infinite flight, I will loose the connection between the two.
Is there a way that I can regain that connection midflight?
Thank you all!

Leaving Infinite Flight will cause all kinds of issues for you while flying. I noticed this the other day doing some tests with ATC. I wouldn’t recommend leaving the app or pausing the session as it just creates havoc honestly.

For instance, if you are flying and leave the app to go to Instagram you will disappear from the radar and will likely have a lapse in connection with all of the servers while flying on live.


So there is no way to regain that connection with ForeFlight?

The only thing you could try and do is switch to airplane mode and turn off WiFi then turn it back on. Then again, I believe the root cause for everything being fine and then losing connection is because you are leaving Infinite Flight to open up other apps on your device.

Would that be on both devices? Or would it just be the flight, or the ForeFlight.

If you keep Infinite Flight running on one device without backing out but find on your other device with Foreflight running the connection goes awry while leaving Foreflight then you could try doing what I said with airplane mode and switching WiFi on then off with that device.

Ill try that and let you know

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That unfortunately did not work. I thank you for trying to help me. Looks like I’ve got to rely on charts like the old way!

Everything is fine as long as you don’t back out of Infinite Flight or Foreflight though right? I would try and keep everything running and try to avoid multitasking if possible.

I multitasked on my phone and used instagram. I dont think i should do that anymore. Lol. Thank you though. Time for charts.

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Are you multitasking on the device running IF or ForeFlight? Once re connected what does devices in ForeFlight say? Any connection or possible connection?

I am multitasking on infinite fight on my phone. It didn’t let me reconnect to the devices list on ForeFlight. I tried also disabled the link via infinite flight and re enabled it.

Gotcha I always multitask on the device using ForeFlight I would suggest you do the same. IF isn’t designed to be multitasking.

Great to know now. Thank you! Now I gotta use charts on the CABBY2 arrival into KDFW

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