Infinite flight with controller

I play infiniteflight with a joystick, but is there any controller like Boeing that has proven to work?
It may be confusing to me because my native language is not English. Excuse me.

Are you referring to a yoke?

I would highly suggest LiveFlight Connect. While support has been dropped by the developer currently due to him being a full time Infinite Flight Developer; This 3rd party still works great and is perfect for joystick and yoke inputs from your Windows PC or Mac

If this didn’t answer your question… Feel free to explain it in more depth and i’m sure either myself or other community members would love to help!

Yes! I want to play with yoke like Boeing

I suggest buying one on amazon then connecting it with LiveFlight connect as @Balloonchaser said

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This was the top result on Amazon:
(I recommend checking compatibility with a mobile device.)

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