Infinite Flight wish list for end of 2018 into 2019

1.They need to add building like FSX or X plane 11 or something 2. they need to and customizing controls like a real flight simulator cockpit 3. they should add realistic scenery and terrains like FSX 4. they should add real light on all of the airport they should. they should give solo global something like online but with CPU planes and the hole ATC and it should be only pay for 50.99 for 1 year that it’s nothing else 6. make the the airlines more realistic 7. make the graphics 4k Ultra Hd graphics 8.they should make the global ui map more better then it’s now that’s my wishlist for end of 2018 into 2019 please leave a comment below about what you think about the change of infinite flight global please thank you

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Yes it would definetly be cool if they added such features. However, due to mobile restrictions (RAM, graphics etc) some of your features may not be possible to implement at this stage.

I suggest you check out the #features category and vote for your favorite request. Hopefully, then, your wishes can come true earlier rather than later!

Also with regards to your issues with price, I’m afraid there is no wiggle room. These features are expensive and take a lot of resources to make. Without such price point, the features we all want as a community wouldn’t be added and the quality of the simulator would decrease.


This is what features is for, vote for what you would like and wait for it to potentially be developed/added. We all have things we want and so we have done that.


Ok thanks for that

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Fact. Literally nothing more to add.

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