Infinite Flight winds different from

Hi everyone!
I am currently flying the EFHK-BIKF route that is featured today.

According to, I am supposed to have strong headwinds over in western/central Sweden.

However, currently I am right over ESND in Infinite Flight which is central western Sweden and I am experiencing around 20 knots of tailwinds instead.

I have green tick on top right. I am just wondering cause It kind of messes up my Flight Timing. I just wanted to know is this an issue about the app or windy or what causes this?

I struggled about picking #support as I dont know if this is an issue with the app. I’m aware this may also belong in #thirdparty and please let me know if it does.

From what I’m seeing, you’re only looking at the ground winds. Increase the altitude maybe? Should be a big tailwind.

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I will try that thank you so much!


No problem, glad I could help.

Yes that’s was the issue thanks a lot again @Tsumia!


Yeah @Tsumia is correct! You need to check high altitudes to see the wind. Then it will show the accurate wind speed on windy corresponding to the wind in IF👍😀

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Yes should have figured that out earlier!