Infinite Flight Wikipedia Writers

Hi guys,

I was reading the post below;

And realised around ten people are all saying they’re gonna write it but this could lead to some bad times - the reason the page may be deleted is its poor writing and planning. This time it need to be organised aswell as neat and tidy so I am proposing a new group where tasks are assigned and checked by “editors” so that our post can really represent Infinite Flight well.

Comment below if you’re interested!

I know some of you would have preferred this in the other PST but I think it deserves its own post


I am interested

But wouldn’t we have to get the FDS permission to do something like this

Cool! I will start a group PM as soon as we get more people signing up.

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I believe Wikipedia is open so that anyone can write about anything aswell as it fits their guidelines

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I’m very interested in helping with this, sign me up!

Will do my friend!

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I would like to help.

A pleasure to have you on board. I am afraid you guys will have to wait till tomorrow but rest assured we will get this done.

So maybe we could have a wiki on a PM and each edit it, so that one person can transfer the information into Wikipedia so nothing will go wrong?

Yes that was my exsact plan!

I’d be happy to help.

I’ll happily pitch in having produced Infinite Flight related content before, if needed.

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Thank you guys it means a lot that you guys want to help out!

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Shall I create the big private group or

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Yeah, a PM.

Guys the PM will be sent out in around 10 hours sorry but my stupid body needs rest.

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Well I’m going for a ride on my bike.

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I will quickly create the group if you want

Count me in! It has been a long time since I edited my lastest Wikipedia article.