Infinite Flight Wikipedia Page up for Deletion!

This is slightly off topic but:

The Infinite Flight Wikipedia Page is going to be removed because Infinite Flight is not notable and is ‘trivial’. image

What do you think. Personally don’t think it should be deleted.


Oh god we need a good writer to re write the page.


Same with the Flying Development Studio wiki.


We need to sue Wikipedia if they take down that page!


Yeah, the page clearly isn’t great, but the reasons why a PROD notice was enacted are not true.

Yeah, the notice is completely un-true “Nothing to actually substantiate independent notability and substance as what’s here is simply trivial and unconvincing” From the Wiki warning.

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@AlexH clearly you don’t understand how wikipedia works. The article is really badly written, and if you compare it to a wiki article of a different flight sim they will be no comparison.

Plus if it does get deleted another better one can be made.


@JoshFly8 fix it.



Firstly, you just made an accusation you can not support.

I completely understand how Wikipedia works, and the Infinite Flight page is rubbish. However the comments that have been given for the PROD are referring mainly to why there shouldn’t be a page on Infinite Flight at all, and does not just conclude that the page is written badly (which it clearly is, but I haven’t written it so!)


Lets make and sign a petition to keep the page.

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I can understand the reasoning the contributor puts up- It’s badly written and he/she find’s little on the internet- which is actually quite true as apart from social media and this forum there isn’t really much.


That won’t work, however a PROD means that there are 7 days until it will be deleted. So there is plenty of time to re-edit.

What? That’s crazy. The article is telling the truth!

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Please calm down.

  1. It isn’t going to be deleted definitely.
  2. The reason it has been put up for deletion is because ATM it is poorly written
  3. It needs people to contribute to it.

That is completely true, it needs to be re-written, but somebody also needs to object to the deletion on the Talk Page so it can be reviewed by administrators to determine whether it will be deleted or not.

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I tried wrote like 5-6 huge sections in it but some troll deleted it all. I try and keep some of the numbers in it right too. I will see what I can do.

The one I just looked at doesnt look that nuch like rubbish. Maybe some grammatical changes but the content is good.

Hmmm… possibly, but the simpler way it to just rewrite it in the next week and take the PROD down.

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I can write it if needed. I write for a local paper and magazine. I also enjoy making reviews and have flown with IF since 2012. Anyone wanting to help me can PM me if it comes to the page actually being deleted.


Yes that’s true, we can object by taking it down once edited. But really the PROD shouldn’t have been enacted because an objection should have been expected considering the frequent edit and maintenance history.