Infinite Flight Widget

With Apple announcing widgets in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, I thought of an idea to create an Infinite Flight widget. This widget could display active airports, suggested aircraft previews, and more! This would really give people the extra urge to do a flight and also maybe a bit of quick knowledge that can be obtained without needing to go into the app itself.

Here is an example:

You open your iPhone/iPad and you are greeted with your IF home screen widget. You take a look and see that your favorite airport is active with a preview of an aircraft good for that airport. (ie. KDFW is active so an AAL 777 can be shown) You think to yourself, “wow! This gives me a great idea of where I should fly today!”

And maybe an identical one could be available for Android, since they have had them for years now.

An IF widget has many possibilities for our Apple users. You can suggest some more widget ideas in the replies below. Feedback is appreciated

#tooSoon. How’s that? ;)


You are making it sound like this is apple exclusive ;) it’s not
IMO this sounds more like something a third party app can do rather than IF itself.

I think this should be more of a suggestion to thirdparty developers rather than Infinite Flight developers. More likely that they’ll pick it up :)

What’s a widget?

Yeah agree. Maybe liveflight and the equivalent on android can do something like this.

I did not know that this was not Apple exclusive. A third party app would also work too. But I wanted to share the idea just see what y’all and the devs thought of it

Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutes - YouTube This is a summary of the iOS 14 updates. Take a look


Android has had widgets for a long time lol


Maybe :) I just saw WWDC so that idea popped in my head

Yea if we get one for IOS we have to get one for Android considering we have had widgets for like, years now?


As an iOS 14 user, I would personally love to see this!

Sadly I do not have a spare vote right now

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Your feedback is still appreciated!

How can you have iOS 14 lol. dev beta isn’t out

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It actually is lol.

If you would like more info, PM me

Oh yea it’s today. I for some reason thought it was tomorrow. Public is in a few weeks

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I’d like to see that on Android too! We’ve had widgets for 12 years now… Which could’ve already been implemented, there’s probably a reason it hasn’t.


I think IF is programmed using a cross-platform framework. Plus this is a very non-essential feature.

Just started beta testing and i can say this would be amazing


I like this idea. Another add on to this could be connecting devices. For example, let’s say I’m flying a long haul on my iPad. I could connect it to my phone so I could have a Time to TOD widget or something like that.