Infinite Flight White Loading Screen


I think the dark version of infinite flight is quite dull. What do you think?

I would like for there to be an option so you can change the black version to white. Just like on YouTube on PC.

Are talking about a rework of the front loading screen, or just the background?

If your talking about the loading screen, then I think it’s fine. If you make it white it is seriously going to hurt my eyes at night when I play. (Just saying as this is only my opinion on it…)


Yes I’m talking about the loading screen.

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No. I searched this up and it is not there. Give me the link for proof.

Infact- If this is true please flag this as duplicate.

If it’s a duplicate, don’t just say it’s one. Give reference to the other topic please.


I think he is lying as he did not provide a link to the topic and he is therefore not replying with the link even when I searched and I don’t see any results.

oh well there closed Vote for your Own feature then I take it back

Seriously why should they have to vote for his own topic for you to take it back. It’s his choice. Plus it doesn’t take much to say sorry…

The background of their actual logo is dark, so the loading screen just matches it which I like - it gives it a nice contrast. Plus, they would have to switch around the colors to even be able to see it because it would be white on white. That basically involves changing around their main logo…

Just my two cents. If people support it, great!

I like the dark version. I won’t waste my votes for this little thing.