Infinite Flight when i get an new IPad

Hey when I get a new IPad about many years to, here’s the question: Do I have to buy Infinite Flight on the App Store again? I know that in Infinite Flight, the Subscriber Money is on Gmail so I can just type it in. but can I use “Phone Clone” on my old IPad to my new IPad to transfer apps? I’ve tried it from my iPad to my Android Phone but it didn’t work but it might work from iOS to iOS.

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Hello if you back up your device to iCloud it replicates everything and allows you to set up your device easily. All purchases are tied to your Apple ID so you don’t need to pay again for them

But use iCloud backup if you already have an iPad, some say you can do this with a phone also but I can’t confirm this at all.


The same happens with the google play store

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I don’t have I cloud.

Don’t worry about iCloud and things like that, but I’m sure you know what an Apple ID is (the account you sign into on the AppStore). As long as, On your new iPad, you are signed in with the same account as the one you originally bought it with, you should be able to reinstall for free.


I started with my Samsung Galaxy S7. I linked/bound my IF account to a gmail. I bought the game on ios for my new ipad and all the inflight add ons again, but: i’m able to play now on my Android (still paying monthly subscription over googlepay) and on my ios ipad (of course not at the same time).

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You can turn it on. It won’t cost or anything. But as I said either way you can set it up as new and then just sing in on your Apple ID and manually download everything.

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Thanks for that I have thinked aboute that but wasn’t sure.

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BTW what subscription is best?

  • Monthly (12.30 USD)
  • Annual ( 99.41 USD)

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To untrained eyes

$12.30×12months = $147.60
12months, annual = $99.41

If you can afford $99.41 in one go that’s best option in my humble view.


Good I have figured it out and. So I have Annual subscription.


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