Infinite flight WhatsApp group

Hello, I’d like to create a group or to join a group of players. Does it exist? Would you like to join?


It is called a VA/ VO. Here is more info:

No… I thought that WhatsApp group will be more available, you can type when you want to fly and see who is joining

Are you thinking of a non-affiliated group of people who play IF?


Yes, you understand

Think about it… I know a lot of groups of X plane

The only issue is that it’s very easy for people to “troll” or “spam” those things.

I don’t know of any existing Whatsapp groups.

The IFC (this website) is really the best you can get if you want to chat with fellow Infinite Flight pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts. I doubt many people would join a Whatsapp group, as everything you want to talk about is right here! For group flights - make a quick Flash Flight event on #live:events, or join a VA or VO.

Happy flying,

Jake :)


No, like they cannot here they cannot there the Admins will delete them

I agree, this is truly one of the best communities out there.


But I think WhatsApp group is even better

I’m just saying, it seems like we have plenty of other platforms for people to talk.

For example, I believe they have a Discord, I’m sure their’s a slack group, and of course we have this community forum.

Well, that depends if the Admin(s) are there 24/7 to monitor the group. I think the problem you are gonna run into is publicizing the group so people even know there is one.

There are a lot of aviation discords out there. That is probably your best bet if you just want to talk to other people out there with similar interests. In the IFC you have to have a topic and it has to be a reasonable one.

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Ok, that is your opinion, and you can have it, I’m just saying that I think IFC is better.

But… Be honest, you are active in WhatsApp more than in discord right?

I haven’t used WhatsApp in about 3 years tbh. I use Discord quite a bit for other things.

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Look, I was a member in an X plane group that was awesome

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I agree, but Whatsapp is used much more in foreign countries though, and I don’t have too much experience with it.

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