Infinite Flight Weekly Challenges (A New Project, Feedback Requested)

Hello… I’m back with a project I’ve been planning. It’s called Infinite Flight Weekly Challenges. The idea is quite simple really, every week I post a new challenge, and community members post pictures of themselves completing said challenge. I would clearly outline each challenge in the post for that specific week. I plan on having some sort of placing ceremony at the end, but nothing like that is confirmed yet. There is no need to sign up to compete, just post your pictures! Let me know how you want this to work, and some feedback on the idea itself. If all goes well, I will post the first challenge within the next week. Thanks!


Seems good, but I fear that it won’t last more than a week or two. That’s how I (and others) are with a weekly event like this. Its hard, and kind of dies off. Prove me wrong!


Thanks! I shall try to do so! Things like this need good support to keep running 😉.


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