Infinite Flight website: unable to log in

I can not login to my account through Facebook to see my account details.
I ask that only the officials to answer in this post to avoid confusion, thank you.

More info.
When I click login and select facebook, I will be redirected to the facebook to authenticate the login with facebook account.

Once I authorise, the facebook login window closes, back to the

On the facebook icon on the website, there is an indicator spinning around, but no changes.

Please note that I have used mac, chrome, IPad to try this, and with different network connections (WIFI and mobile data) so must be a trouble with the website.

Also, I have cleared cache and cookies as well as a general troubleshooting.

Just in case if the IP or geo setting is enabled, I am accessing the website from New Zealand.

This thread might be your answer 😉

What he said. 👆