Infinite Flight Website Log in Error

Hey guys, for the past few weeks, I have been having issue logging into the IF website to check my live stats ( Whenever I click the login and then Google I have this error that comes up.

After that error comes up, I close the pop-up now knowing what else to do, but after I close this pop-up window with the error, another error message pops up.

I am not really sure whats wrong, I haven’t touched any settings within my browser or my Google Account. I looked up how to fix this sort of error on Google and wasn’t given much help with the support and steps I found. I have tried resetting the settings on my browser, trying different browsers and different browsers, still not having any luck with the issue. I am pretty sure this issue is something more internal. I asked a friend to log into the website on a Mac and he had no issues what so over logging in.

Browsers Tried: Internet Explorer (Notebook) , Chrome (Notebook and Mobile), Opera (Notebook), Firefox (Mobile), Samsung Internet Browser (Mobile)
Devices Used: Asus X200CA Notebook, Samsung Note 3

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Duplicate. Check before posting.


That topic is closed and the information there provided no help with the issue.