Infinite Flight | Weather Warnings Live

Here members can post current/live weather warnings to players flying that region.

How to present it simply:

  • Region
  • Server
  • What location within that region (Maybe between airports)
  • Wind/fog/ghust/turbulence warning
  • Wind direction (if wind related)

When Reading these forecasts, focus on the time posted. As most of you will know that weather changes.


Hawaiian Region (Advanced Server)

Between: Kona Intl (PHKO - Hilo Intl (PHTO)

[Warning] Fog
Visibility: 14.52km
Wind: 5-7kts

Clearing at Kona Intl

So Cal Region (Playground)

Around: San Diego Intl (KSAN)

[Warning] Wind Gusts

Wind Gusts: 20-30kts (From the west)

My Cessna nearly got knocked from the sky by it


Socal Region (Playground)

San Diego City

[Warning] Turbulence

Turbulence: Strong

Use the METAR

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Does it matter which server? Don’t they all have live weather?

Yes Sir, all servers have the same METAR (aka live weather)

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Well north of the London region we got a huge gale on so I can imagine that that region is pretty similar in terms of weather.

Once we have actual weather on Infinite Flight, (microbursts, rain, thunderstorms) hopefully there will be an option where we can ask ATC how’s the weather. Or maybe Infinite Flight will be so advanced by then that we can have working radars in the cockpit.


Before that was done with the ATIS frequency. It’s being reworked as we speak, and will make a comeback, new and improved!!

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Kuala Lumpa Intl Airport

Warning Low visibility

  • Fog
  • Visibility 7.00km

Area: Kuala Lumpa Airport (South Area)

Approach Systems advised

#Southern California
Warning Turbulences

  • High win gusts at 13’000 ft (winds 11-13kts, 000°)
    231556Z 06008KT 10SM FEW200 17/10 A3015 RMK SLP207 T01670100