Infinite Flight w/Samsung DeX Support

It would be awesome if we could have mouse scroll wheel support.
I’m using IF with a Samsung Galaxy S8+, DeX dock, mouse, keyboard and CH Products Flight Yoke.

Here’s a quick vid:


Wow! I’d love to do this, though, I’d struggle and probably rage quit.

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Would love that setup!

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That is a great setup you’ve got there!

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Like the set up. I use a IPad Pro and can’t get a full screen on my monitor. How did you get a full screen?


Hi Joseph,

The iPads have an aspect ratio that doesn’t support full screen when connected to widescreen displays. iPhones do though. I’m using an Android phone for this setup.

Does it work also on a normal TV? With android

Thank you for explaining that. I hope you have a great week!!

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Yes. Mine is connected to a normal TV with HDMI.

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