Infinite Flight w/ForeFlight

iPad: iOS v15.3.1, Infinite Flight v22.1 (1498), ForeFlight v14.0 (79698)
iPhone: iOS v15.2.1, Infinite Flight v22.1 (1498), ForeFlight v14.0 (79698)

I’m able to run IF on iPad and drive FF on iPhone, but not vice versa. No devices show up on iPad in FF. I have setup both systems exactly the same. IF has the Enable ForeFlight Link and Enable Infinite Flight Connect selected.

Suggestions? Thanks.

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Make sure they both have the link on maybe.

There is no link in ForeFlight other than selecting the IF device…but it’s not showing up.

Are they on the same internet?

When you go to ForeFlight click the button in the bottom right corner then click devices (this only works with 2 devices). Once you click it you will turn devices on and IF should show up.

Yes, same network. That is exactly what I’m doing. As I mentioned, I am able to get this to work correctly running IF on iPad and FF on iPhone, but not vice versa.

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I don’t know then. Probably put this in the #support topic.

Incorrect suggestion since this is a 3rd party issue.

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On your iPad, go to Settings → ForeFlight and make sure that “Local Network” is switched on.


THAT fixed it. Thanks!

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No worries :)