Infinite Flight vs RFS

This post is to determine which game/simulator (whatever you want to call it) is better, this is my opinion and feel free to share your opinion as well on which is better, also remind me if I missed a category. (I have played both games, so this is unbiased) Also HAPPY NEW YEAR!
My ratings:
Price: RFS
Home Screen: IF
Plane Models: IF
Scenery (mountains, valleys): IF
Scenery Mesh: RFS
Number of Liveries: RFS
Community: IF
Update efficiency: RFS
Player count: IF
Animations: IF
Cockpit Interior: IF
Amount of Plane types: RFS
More fun: IF
Physics: IF
More open world (Multiplayer): IF
3D airports (HD in RFS terms): IF by a land slide
Weather: RFS
Graphics: IF
Lighting: IF
Detail: IF (Very close)
Winner: IF


Yeah maybe but Update Quality definitely goes to IF.

Again with the amount of plane types: RFS does have more but the quality of them are an absolute joke.

Quality is better than Quantity.


Yes, they deserve this, that fact they have Infinite Flight liverys too.

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