Infinite Flight VS FSX-First Edition and Latest edition

#First Edition
This is a picture from FS 1.0 (First FSX version)(credits to Wikipedia)
And this is a picture from Infinite Flight 1.0 (First Infinite Flight edition)(Credits to the Get My Android website)

As you see, IF definitely gets the point! In FS 1.0, users couldn’t even see the exterior of the plane and the graphics where very bad.

#Current Edition
This is a picture of FS2004/FSX 10.0 (Latest FSX version) (Credits to Wikipedia)
And this is a picture of Infinite Flight 16.12.0 (Latest Infinite Flight Edition) (Credits to me)

As you see, Infinite Flight isn’t so far from FSX. FSX has a bit better textures and 3D buildings. And a few smaller details. And FSX has been developed through many many years. But IF has been developed for only around 2-3 years and is a Mobile simulator. I’m sure if it gets developed a few more years, it’ll be way better than FSX. So don’t complain and wait a few years.

You can’t compare a desktop sim with a mobile sim. Poor Comparison.

This is like comparing a Car and a Plane


Personally, with the exception of 3D buildings, I think IF graphics are already on par or if not better than most PC flight simulators such as FSX and XP, but lets not go into P3D yet…


I see your point. I see IF being above Flight Simulator 2000, and perhaps a little “below” FS 2002.

Which is a real achievement on a mobile device. What makes things more exciting is that the leap in eye candy from FS2002 to FS 2004 / COF wasn’t that great.

And again, the gap from FS2004 to FSX wasn’t huge either

So I give it 24 months or less and I think we’ll be at parity eye candy wise. The latest phones and tablets are beasts compared to what they were 2 years ago.

Well, FSX isn’t exactly a good sim to compare with… LOL

Also FSX is dead – IF isn’t.

Another thing to note is that Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 came out in 1982… Computers almost didn’t have GPU’s. This was HI TECH at the time. Comparing those two are ridiculous.


Fixed it. ;) Hahaha

That’s why they are making flying cars hahaha

FSX 1 is from 1981. No way you can compare them.


Hmm another attempted IF beat down. Why compare? We use this app because it promotes a large user base where many people can gather and fly together. Look at the many swarms of folks tagging along behind each other you will find on casual. IF also has a thriving community on its forum.

How many users would I see online at any time in either IF, FSX or XPlane? I would suspect IF user base is more active? IF is a social gathering.

“Birds of a feather flock together”

In my humble opinion there is no point even trying to compare the IF phenomenon with FSX. I prefer to read entries on the forum which have a “glass is half full” feel to them and not entries with self gratification.

The use of the phrase “credit to me” was not necessary!


I could happily repeat the “there’s no comparison” line but about 10 people have already beaten me to it. So could you compare a Boeing 777 to an Airbus A319 for me? Oh yeah, it’s a completely ridiculous thing to do because they have different purposes, just like FSX and IF.

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