Infinite Flight VOR Scavenger Hunt Thread

Very close - but not quite

What are vors are they visible on the ground or something,-85.5779279,33a,35y,116.06h,65.29t/data=!3m1!1e3

Hint: ______ fried chicken.
fill in the blank and you have the state this VOR is located in

@mac104 is that Aspen, CO?


Somewhere near a freeway?

Warmer! It is used for Aspens DME approach

Im gonna go with florida…
jk, ill go with Kentucky but still finding out the VOR city/town location

EDIT: im thinking its Lexington but I also have my mind on Louisville

That should be Louisville, flights from YYZ-MEM use that VOR :)

It is the Louisville VORTAC IIU 114.8


Hint: close to a city in between LA and Las Vegas.

yep. nice job

In central Oregon

DBL/Red Table-Use it all the time on transcon

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btw whats a VOR?


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ok thanks for the info

Is it DSD?

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Who can name it?

Yessir! Well done

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HEC - hector.

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