Infinite Flight VOR Scavenger Hunt Thread

Hi guys,

So, its kinda weird, but hunting for VORs on Google Maps is one of my favorite things to do. So I came up with an Idea, its a scavenger hunt to find the VOR in Infinite Flight. I will pick a random VOR somewhere in the world, take a screenshot of it, and give a vague hint of where it is. Your job is to fly out, find it, take a screenshot of it in IF, then post it here. After that, you can do the same thing! Make sure when you are showing the google maps picture, make sure there is enough room to seem local geographical features, so its not impossible. I’ll let someone else go first since I don’t have my iPad. Hope you have fun hunting!


@HadenJohnson Your supposed to find it on google maps, and let other people find it.

Hint: Somewhere near my home airport 😉


Area 51?ICAO:homey

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That’s my guess based on your bio

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@Pilot_urp, winner winner, chicken dinner

Alright here is mine

That’s right by Charolleye Douglas @Pilot_urp

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Ok. I’ll relive if

The infinite fligh th one.

Here is one from irl.

Hint: U.S.,West Coast

That’s LAX.

Yeah it is

Hint: Two photos because you’d need **Eagle**
eyes to spot this one amongst the **Rocky**

American Midwest

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@mac104 Make sure to give a hint to where it is. since there are many rocky places around the world.

Hope that edit helps!

You still need to provide some info, like what region and continent it is. @mac104

Sorry - big fan of cryptic crosswords

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That’s Eagle County

Hint. In the US.

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