Infinite Flight VNAV problems

So I was starting to descend to the destination. I have already set the altitude in flight plan, but when I have VNAV enabled it would not change the altitude, I still have to do it manually.
What is causing this?
So the screenshot here shows I enabled VNAV and it’s updated the information:

But from this recording, the altitude is still not updated immediately so I had to adjust it:


Any screenshots or videos we can see? Can’t really tell you what to do without them.

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k, I’ll try and get some!

VNAV is programmed to start the descend at a certain point. Can you confirm you’ve reached the top of descend with it enabled? You can select VNAV in the bottom status bar to see when the top of descend is.

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I’m sure cause I was already too late to turn it on, I was like 7000ft

You should activate it right before your Top Of Descent for the most efficient usage, and from the looks of it, you adjusted it even after activating VNAV.

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yeah, I didn’t know what to do as the altitude is still the same, so I changed it manually… I’ll try next time to activate it right before TOD.


In the first pic it’s says you are 7nm away from when the plane it s going to start decent.

And I’m the second one it’s still says 1 nm. You should wait from it to get all the way to 0 then it would start descend automatically

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oh ok! Thanks :)
I’m very new so thanks to everyone that helped!

K thanks!!