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Hi everybody. My friend and I want to create a Virtual Organization. But I want to confirm that no one has made DHVA (DHL Virtual Airlines). JHi everybody. My friend and I want to create a Virtual Organization. But I want to confirm that no one has made DHVA (DHL Virtual Airlines). J If so, does Infinite Flight Airlines Of Indonesia already exist?

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Check out for all taken VA’s. However, I believe there is no DHL VA. So yes you can make it. Hope this answered your question :D. Also you must be trust level 2 and you are now only currently basic user (Trust level 1). So you can’t officially make it until you’re TL2.

Hi! thanks for confirming that DHL Virtual is not yet available. we canceled creating DHL Virtual, we decided to create Infinite Flight Airlines of Indonesia (IFAOI). For Trust Level, I’m still TL1, but my friend who will become CEO later is still trying to move up to TL2 and we’re just going to prepare everything so that when the first member enters, our Virtual Organization is already good and well-organized. And if I may know, how do I increase my IFC account to TL2?

Just keep making positive contributions until you get it!

You may also check Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog for an idea of the requirements, just keep in note that the discourse and IFC requirements are a bit different. Anyway, good luck with your VA!

isn’t there a VA for Indonesia already? Garuda VA

That is true, however he can make another VA that may be similar, but does not have the same name.

So essentially, two VAs with the same purpose but different names?

not sure if IFVARB allows that

Well, They can always contact an admin, I’m not really sure about this. But I think it’s okay…

I highly doubt that IFVARB allows for two VAs to have the same purpose but be using different names

" * Copying content made by other VAs/VOs is not permitted - be original."
From the policies listed under IFVARB website

so that proves my point that now two VAs can have the same purpose. If Garuda VA is serving Indonesia, LionAir VA also serving Indonesia, then he can’t make another VA for Indonesia unless its based on another airline from Indonesia.

Then you’re right, my apologies for the misconsumption.

I Suggest you build another Virtual Airlines that can represent Indonesian Airlines that are not yet in IF, you can just create Express Air or Susi Air VA (if possible merged into a Group of the two airlines). however you have a problem with Thrust Level (TL) you are currently reaching at IFC, you have to raise it first.

Correct, or you can create an Fictional VA.

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