Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines

      Hello everyone.

So, I am fairly new to the Infinite Flight community website, however I have been playing Infinite Flight since well before Infinite Flight Live was released. I’m a long time Infinite Flight player. I was looking around the community website and I came across some “virtual airlines”. The idea of being able to own and run a virtual infinite flight airline sounds very cool to me. I was wondering if anybody could explain to me what these “virtual airlines” are, and also I was wondering if anybody could link me to some good active virtual airlines. Thanks for the help! Happy skies to everyone. Fly safe.

Here’s a list of all the VAs in IF.

VAs are basically airlines in IF, you can fly for them as if you were a pilot.


Thank you very much for the help.

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VA’s are basically real world Aviation companies but just in Infinite Flight. We use Slack for general & use Discord for ATC etc. If you would like to join a VA why don’t you consider joining my VA TUI!

Awesome! I’ll take a look!

Thanks guys!