Infinite Flight Virtual Airline?

I posted this in IFFG yesterday out of curiosity:

I generally don’t have good experiences with VA’s. I’ve never been apart of one, much less owned or created one. The main issue I have is the arguing over who owns what. Too much drama… I was wondering if anyone has ever thought of this concept. We have so many VA’s that represent each livery in Infinite Flight, but it seems the main livery has never been apart of anything major. Matt later commented:

But it’s difficult to understand what that means… Is “us” just the dev team? What’s the use of having a VA when only 4 or 5 people would be apart of it ;)

This would probably be my one exception to joining a VA (so please don’t advertise your VA here). If there was a professional organization, with a decent-looking website, good mission, etc. I might be willing to take that step out of the comfort zone and looking into the whole VA industry. I’ve heard about how much work it takes to run a VA (especially single-handedly) so I definitely won’t be doing that.

Does anyone here have previous VA experience or leadership experience in the past and thinks they can make something like this happen? I drafted some pictures you could use for advertisement (all rights for these are public). Maybe someone could look into it, just an idea…


767? Or 777?

I forget, which one has the IF livery?

777 does ;)

Ah well I can’t edit a quote without changing the original text in Facebook, otherwise it’s not a true quote, right?

Its the 777 that has the fds livery on it


I could think about something like this!

What sort of VA exactly are you thinking of? A normal one, just using the IF Livery, or a special FDS one, that someone from the community could help set-up? If the second, would they let somebody do that?

Cheers Buddy

Let me guess, you’ll head it up BBJ?


And what exactly makes you think that Joe? @jreilly2311

Charlie, pls PM me, max

I wouldn’t mind, but as I said:

It can’t just be an amateur put together…

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I’ll be in BTW. Got a bit experience on VA’s. One of my VA website.

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The deal with an Infinite Flight VAO would be that we can’t have routes based on real life since FDS doesn’t have a Citation X, 777, or BBJ in real life.

For routes we would have to come up with signature routes to fly in each region. PHOG-PHNL, KPDX-KTIW, KASE-KFCS (brand new airport I designed a few months ago), etc…

We would have to decide what we want to do as an organization. Are we logging user flights? Are we giving users a rank? Are we listing example routes? Could we show-off highlight features of Infinite Flight like new regions, new planes, beautiful airports, etc…? Any or all of those combinations would work.

Again, too much work for me to be in charge of but I could definitely help out with website management, advertising(?), sample routes, etc…


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I got experience in that too also this guy @SirMS

I’m sure if we work together it may establish properly @Swang007+@Rotate

Great! Looks like we have a team going already! So do we want to move forward with this? Who would be good at leading a professional group like this? @Rotate what are PIREPs? Is that kind of like that social weather feature on The Weather Channel app where you can see a map of people that reported if the sky is clear, cloudy, raining, etc…? And btw… should we take this to a giant group message?

Is something that you submit flight report with. Maybe Google Sheets or website powered systems

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