Infinite flight Virtual Airline

Could someone please explain what a virtual airline is and what are the operational procedures?



A virtual airline, is, well a virtual airline. It’s basically a replication of a specific airline which you fly their routes, and aircraft. You have different ranks, and can do group flights with your colleagues. Each VA has its different operational procedures, so you’d have to ask the virtual airline itself :)

head over to the #live:va category to see the virtual airlines!

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Virtual Airlines are basically community member run airlines based off of real-world airlines, or airlines they’ve made up. They are created to imitate the operations of a real world airline.

Here’s the IFVARB’s website - click on the “about” tab and read the second paragraph which tells you what a VA is.


On another note- a Virtual Airline operating in Infinite Flight liveries would be interesting 🧐

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Infinite Airlines…

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