Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Organisation

Dear Flight Simulation Enthusiasts, Virtual Airlines, Alliances and Virtual Airline Groups,

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are IFVAO (Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Organisation), and we are an Organisation for Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines, Virtual Airline Pilots, Alliances and Virtual Airline Groups. IFVAO was established shortly after the hacking of Virtual Airlines just earlier this year. We were concerned with the negative behavior and activity towards the above groups of people, and thought that it was time this changed. The mission of IFVAO is to provide a Safe, Friendly and Realistic environment for Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines, Alliances and Virtual Airline Groups to operate. We want to promote connection and partnership between Airlines, no matter what Alliance or VA Group they belong to. We believe in a One World Vision, and there should be no bounds between friendship and respect among Virtual Airlines, Alliances and Virtual Airline Groups. At this stage Membership is open to Virtual Airlines, and Partnerships are open to Alliances and Virtual Airline Groups, however we are still working on Pilot membership; an update that with interest from members of Virtual Airlines, could become a possibility. If you are on Management of an Airline, Alliance or Virtual Airline Group, and you are interested in joining IFVAO, please go to the Application Page here. We are also seeking people to join our Board of Directors, so if you are interested, just PM our Forum Account, or fill out the Contact form on our website. You would be a good candidate to join the Board of Directors if you want to make a difference for Virtual Airlines, VA Groups and Alliances, and are passionate about Infinite Flight, and Aviation in general. We are also on Instagram and Facebook, so connect with us there!

Happy Flying!

The IFVAO Team


Very neat. It sounds like a Virtual Airline police. Great work buddy :)

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But it basically is Qantas Virtual so it doesn’t make sense. It is biased and not an independent security management website

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I’m retracting my previous comments this might be worth it