Infinite flight violations

Hello pilots… I’ve recently re subscribed to infinite flights Global and I’ve been grinding hours in trying to get myself into the expert server, however I play on the latest iPhone the 12 pro max. However I’ve received a violation which is very unfortunate due to my device freezing which unable me to reduce my speed to 250, it begins to stutter.

Will i still be able to get into the expert server with 6 level one violations?

Best thing to do is get your landings up. This will lower your violation/landing ratio.

As for your main question. No you will not be able to access the expert server with 6 violations. You will have to wait for your first violation to expire on the 7th day. Once this happens, do a short flight on the casual to refresh your stats, then you should be all good.


On another note…your device freezing suggests your settings are likely too high. Yes the 12 is a top end phone but it has been known to have performance issues in Infinite Flight.

Try lowering your settings a bit and see if it improves.

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