Infinite Flight Violation System

It literally takes less than 2 seconds to end the flight.


@PilotPatrick if you can’t finish the flight, it’s best to try again later. If you can’t slow down, that’s your fault no matter what’s happening. Rain, snow, tornado, whatever. If you want to fly without vios, slow down when you need to.

Sorry for being blunt, but that’s the way it is. Flying requires your attention, especially at the critical phases of flight.

Right and I understand that, but training server should be a middle ground between Casual and Expert.

That is because when you lower the aircraft speed the lift decreases automatically thereby reducing the V/S of the aircraft

That’s what it is…

We are a community, and we have to show sympathy for eachother if one of us would like to try and say something. Arguing is not the way to go, and mocking others isn’t the way either. Please, everyone have a good night and be more generous to others.

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Autopilot actually slows down the V/S. I watched it.

No ones arguing. I’m not sure how we can just allow people to disobey rules just because something came up. If you didn’t slow down, you didn’t slow down. That’s it.

I say this in a nice way, in case you’re wondering 🙂


I agree, I am done here. I thought maybe some people would support my ideas or comment on them, but instead most people decided to act all bossy and stuff. Have a better night everyone.


If you were on the phone with the doctor driving in the car, you should still monitor your speed in order to not be yeeted off of the road and crash. Same with flying, even if it’s a simulation. Rules is rules.

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You gotta calm down :)

We’re just trying to help. I think that we can’t just allow rule breaking. If you didn’t slow down, make sure to do that next time if you don’t want violations.

I am pretty sure that this has nothing to do with a family emergeny but whatever.

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It’s not about that.

But it sometimes feels like you want the entire realism package, as long as it comes with the most elaborate safety net that you can think of.

You can’t both have the cookie & eat it :)
There has to be some level of accountability too.


Simple rules are rules. Yes it sucks. Don’t take it as a punishment take it as a learning experience for next time :)

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I have been flying on infinite flight since the global update. I am aware on how to avoid violations. I have had a clean streak for months now. I was trying to pitch some ideas for how to improve the viloation system, thats all.

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But I just had a cookie and ate it :)


I personally think the violation system is fine. And if you want the audio warning IF-Assistant has the warning for over speed

Right, and I perfectly understand that. I’ve been flying just as long as you. All we are saying (in a nice, not bossy way) is, rules are rules. Rules don’t change for each person :)

Nah, you got a few violations. The cookie ate you ;)


Ouchhhhh :(