Infinite Flight Violation System

Dear IFC,

I recently spent the day flying over 5 flights and never have I been so disappointed with Infinite Flight’s Violation System. I have been playing Infinite Flight since the release of global and I am very experienced with the game. I have never ever received more than 4 violations in a year and yet today, I received 6 Overspeed violations. I’m sure you all are asking yourselves; “Why is that?” Well, it’s because of the new VNAV feature. Believe me, I love this feature to death, however, if you are away from your device for a while and you come back to see that your aircraft is descending via VNAV below 10,000ft at your cruise speed you will get the maximum number of violations and be forced to fly offline. I

would love to see Infinite Flight add and audible violation warning system to the game or a system in which if you are engaged in VNAV, and you are away, then the aircraft would automatically slow down to under 260 KTS and/or stop descending at 10,000 ft.

I had several events set up for my VA and now I cannot fly them thanks to the fact that I have been downgraded to grade 2.

Patrick Novoa
CEO, Co-Founder, & Chairman of Japan Virtual Airlines

PS: I would appreciate it if the IFC moderators would take this into consideration and spread this idea around, rather than immediately shutting down this thread.


Same is my case , due to the downgradation now i am unable to join new VAs.



The reason there’s no automation for these lower altitudes, is because you as a pilot needs to pay attention to your flight during these critical stages.
If you were not given those L1’s, and were descending right into a crowded airspace… how fun would that be for everyone else?

But you should not have received 6 violations though.


Understandable, but it would be nice if infinite flight could add an audible warning.

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I would just watch your speeds and don’t walk away when descending, especially not really low.

The VNAV will automatically adjust to the new speeds

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VNAV does not adjust to speeds. Maybe the 250 kts rule should be tweaked. Just a thought


I absolutely agree with that! We should be given a little bit more speed.


Especially on the training server, where things feel a little less strict.

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Not only that, but in Training Server the purpose is to train, and not be violated by stepping away. What if one of his family members called him for something important?


I literally tested it and it slows the VS when I slow down. Did you test it?

I’m actually flying right now and it’s doing that for me.

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Well the speed violation doesn’t take effect until you are at 260 kts. So you have some buffer.

I don’t see why you would be away from your device while you’re descending. It’s a critical phase of flight and all critical phases of flight you should ALWAYS be at your device and if you can’t adjust the altitude so you the descent stops above 10,000’

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Yes, and it slows down but not much. We can bring this to DMs for more talk. I am flying now and it doesn’t do anything. I’ve done 5 flights today

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It’s pinpoint precision all the way. I’ve run it through all the tests.

If yours isn’t working, that’s odd.

Could you please elaborate on this? It’s the way it is in real life. I’m curious to know what you mean.

Although it is in reality that this exists, I think it would make sense if the Grade 3 people could have access to a new server called the amateur server, and it could be between the Training and Expert server. The systems need to be tweaked for some servers.

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So you’re telling me that if I had a family emergency and didn’t have time to end the flight that I would have deserved those violations? By the way, I do. not mean to be rude, I am just really frustrated. I have had a perfect record of no violations for months and it was just ruined thanks to a new feature.

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Tweaked in what ways? It’s the same rule and it’s your responsibility to be that slow at the right time.

Please read what @PilotPatrick just replied to TylerShah

I think that if you’re having a family emergency, you should just give up on the flight. Just my opinion.

Why should it be tweaked? You all know the rules. Follow them.
Otherwise → Casual.

Sorry for sounding blunt but…