Infinite flight videos

I am trying to record videos in infinite flight. I was wondering if i could/ should record the replay so i can have a wingveiw the whole flight. Or should i record the video in real time? And what screen recorder would you recommend? Thank you for all the feedback.
-Infinite Flyer 21

In my oppinion, you should record the wing during live replay. Thus so you can focus on the quality of your flight :)

Ok thank you for your feedback

You should do a combination of both just to save time. Record the cruise as you’re flying the route live, and then record the take-off and landing separately and combine them into one long timelapse.

If you have an Apple device above IOS11, I would defiantly recommend the free screen recorder in settings which is really assessable and easy to use. You can also edit the bits out at the end when you stop/start the video.

That makes a lot more sense. Ill just have to figure out out how to edit the video showing the different recorded pieces. Thank you for the help

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I do both cinematic and Just use the tail view for Timelapse , I also use Luma fusion for IOS it’s 20$ but it’s worth it and this is the outcome :)) the more time the flight it the harder it will take to edit as in speed it up but that’s if your doing timelapses

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