Infinite Flight Video Competition, Submissions Open!

Hello all! This is a competition for your short IF videos! These can be video compilations, or short movies!

The Rules

  • Must be between 30 and 180 seconds long
  • Videos may include clips from past events or group flights.
  • Video clips cannot be before January 1, 2019!
  • Spotting videos are allowed
  • You may submit more than one video!

Grading Scale

  • 1 Point Video Length. Optimal Video length is between 60 and 70 seconds. No more than 90 seconds.

  • 1 Point Background Noise. This is mainly ATC messages of you are on live mode. You will lose points if you can hear ATC (unless a spotting video) You will not lose points if you can see ATC messages at the top of the screen. You will gain bonus points if you can edit them out.

  • 2 Points Background music. Background is not required, but it cannot be copyrighted. If you do use background music, you will lose points if you can here the music loop itself (The split second pause before the song starts again)?

  • 3 Points Edit Quality. Each video clip must be smoothly edited.

  • 3 Points Video Quality. The video must have a rendering quality between 480p and 1080p rendering quality. Anything above 1080p (4k) gets bonus points!


Have fun with your submissions! Submissions are from 2019-09-30T05:00:00Z to 2019-12-01T05:59:00Z


Okay so I can just contact @Swiss for one of his videos?


Not a whole video, but one of his video clips, yes.

But anyone could use the same part of the video. Also not everyone has and wants a YouTube channel.


Not all videos are YouTube videos. For example, you can put together multiple video clips and edit it with iMovie, and submit it right now. And about the duplicate videos, I understand that part. I’m pretty sure that people aren’t going to use a video clip that has already been use by someone else. If they do, they loose points.

Should take out this rule. All recordings submitted should be recorded by the individual themselves to make the competition fair.


That’s a good point.

You can’t upload videos on here unless you get the .mov, .mp4, .H264, .etc file download link so it will be hard for the Non YouTube channel people.

For example this sort of link works.

It will give you the result of this.


There are .mp4 converters online. I’ve used them before on a different discourse forum.

It was @TransportForLife he gave me his replay file.


Here’s my entry (if this counts)

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Some times though when this happens I just wanna punch the throttle and fly back up but I usually just quit the flight in this case

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You will have to trim it down below 90 seconds

In my opinion you should be allowed to have it as long as you want.


Its my thread, not yours. The rules state that the video must be between 30-90 seconds. I want the videos to be like a short trailer, like the one on the app store. I can’t say trailer in the title, because @jasonrosewell said that that isn’t allowed.


I know it was just my opinion you never had to do it.

I will submit mine soon in 4K.


I am wondering will there be a prize?

Yea maybe a virtual cookie 🍪

Here’s my entry!

Enjoy the epic litness of multiple aircraft and airlines from all different locations from all different camera angles. It. Is. Lit.

Anyway, may we change our entries at any point? Also, when do submissions close?