Infinite Flight VA: Hard Mode

Most games that have you play competitively, usually give you a selection of difficulties. I challenge the VA’s of IF to play on hard mode. Features of this game mode difficultly:
Virtual Cash (Don’t go around finding loans for “IF Banks” If you go bankrupt, it’s a “Game Over” restart at your current level, with new cash of course)
*To figure out how much cash you have, divide the price tag (new) of every aircraft in your fleet by 10, then multiply by the amount of pilots you have. Every new pilot is bonus cash (Same deal, just without the need of multiplying by the number of pilots, unless you recruit more then 1 at a time)
Flight Attendance and Load Play it fair enough, but price the tickets to your flights, and randomly(fairly) select the ticket sales for each of the flights flown (Up to you who does it, where pilots log it in, and other people randomize and find the info, or the pilots do it after each flight)
##Spending Virtual Cash
Fuel Feel free to add in fuel and spend wisely. Don’t forget prices fluctuate!
Servicing Try and take out certain aircraft for their mandatory servicing
Decommissioning Create an amount of each aircraft you have of your fleet (i.e. 3 737s, 2 747, 1 A380) These stats will contribute to your total starting cash
Services and Culinary Take money from the budget to pay for foods and drinks, and complementary items on your long haul routes
Salaries You don’t need to actually pay your pilots, but it would have to come out of the budget. Pilots, flight attendants, and all other staff usually get paid
Misc. Anything else you can think of that you want to restrict yourself with, go ahead and do so. Make yourself your own Extreme Mode.
is this too east (easy), to hard, to realistic…? Completely voluntary, but for anyone running a VA that has the time and the want to try, go for it! I challenge everyone running a VA!


This seems really cool, it’s like Air Tycoon 2.

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Similar. Used to play that game too much. I bought all the other airlines competing against me when I was like 8 years old 😝

Very east. I demand a more western take on this sir.


Time2get financial advisors

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Sorry I know this is off topic but: Its the first time I’m seeing 4 pinned topics at once on the forum… Weird…

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Seems complicated.

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It kind of is. Thats why it’s voluntary, but I’d be cool to see some VA’s try

Virtual lounges?

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What’s the name of the game?

The game is called Infinite Flight VA. All the VA’s are already playing this game. This is the new game difficulty: Hard Mode

@Zachary_Meir_Tish I’m confused on how this works

Nothing official. Just a little challenge if you want to try it out. Write stuff down or put it somewhere easy to access, and constantly revise your information. Something your bank and thousands of employees would normally do for a real airline

What long haul routes are you talking about

Flights your pilots in your VA might do when global comes out, or if they do a flight for a long period of time

Its a feature request?

No, just a VA challenge for super try hard mode

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I dont thonk anyone would close down their VA because of being out of cash

You choose how hard it is on you. It’s voluntary, if you want to try it you could. No force! :)

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