Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


It’s a policy regardless from apple


Can’t wait for the update but I’m not impatient for it either, can totally understand why there are delays and so on. Love your work FDS!


If you’re interested, we outline this in our Privacy Policy and how we use your data (it’s actually a lot easier to follow than you’d expect!)


I have just gotten into marketing and app building for clients. People really don’t get what goes into games. I just built my first app which was a flip card game and it crashed after two hours of playing. Keep up to all the amazing updates!


i don´t understand what yo are talking about can you describe better


Hi Robin,

Laura’s post was to address the issue as to why update 18.5 is taking longer than anticipated. She gives a little back story into earlier roadblocks that they have run into in the past, and towards the end of her post she touches on the current issue that they’ve had to deal with recently.

As noted in her post, the reason that this update has been delayed is due to how FDS handles user accounts and subscriptions. Apple did not like the way that they handled the accounts and for that reason, Laura and the team had to rework a few things to make it compliant with Apple’s policies.



So does this mean it has been sorted or is in the sorting?

P.s - I didn’t know you name was Matt 😂😂. I’ve know you In IFATC for a while and never knew that.


Nothing has been announced yet, so consider it a work in progress in the mean time.

The more you know…


Fox 3!

Only Joking, love ya apple! 😂


Thanks so much for the kind words :)


Bottom line… @Laura you and the crew are the bomb. com! Y’all do way too much as it is just to keep many satisfied! I met you in person and your definitely a great person! I just wish more pilots here would appreciate that and the work that goes into I.F. Take a bow cause I salute you and the team! 👍🏼👏🏼


I have only new for a month and I really appreciate for making this incredible plane simulator. I do understand that it take time for every update. Thank, thank you to FDS Team!


The transparency is amazing and appreciated as you can see in almost all the posts above. I think a major thing that draws people into the community is the interaction they can have with the staff and developers unlike any other company or organization. You guys should give yourselves a round of applause for accomplishing so much! We’ll always be behind you. :)


Is this apple headquarters?


I have to agree with you on that. I think it is great that we can all talk to eachother.


Well think about it like this, we wouldnt want them to rush a bridge…

Ya know, becuais it might collapse, but if they rush a game it can be just as devastating… 😂



Oh they all ready did it. So do we just wait now for the update?


Have a read at this. :)


Congratulations! You have been promoted to “Staff”


I really wish I was! 😂😔😢