Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


Thanks for clearing that up Laura, much needed!


We don’t need dates all we need is experience and you have given us that @Laura and all of FDS and I want to say thanks for that


Little departure board I created for some of the big updates! I know I may not have all of them in there but gives a good idea for pilots in



pretty cool how you did this. i like it


It should actually say Arrived instead of departed.

Very nice topic, I understand when they reject something like this update. Can’t wait to test out the TBM when it does release :)


Thanks for the update Laura!


It isn’t IF, it’s Apple who’s keeping thenupdate from us, don’t spam IF with hate, send it to Apple 😂

ps. Don’t do that. Just wait…


Don’t mind me, I’ll just keep on waiting, I don’t mind🤷‍♂️. But once again, like everyone else is saying, Thank you Developers!


It’s not hard to spot from the sky!


Target locked, FOX 1 FOX 1


Thank You for this Laura! Now I hope some users understand what has been reiterated across several threads by many people. Also, some of us don’t mind the wait, we can wake up knowing it will only be more worth it in the end. Once again, Thank You!


This post is great to let us know what’s holding it back!


Thank you for giving us this information this helps a lot I appreciate you taking the time to write this and explain to the community


Laura, I am an old retired pilot with several ratings that has no understanding of or desire to participate in the forum. I just love to fly different planes to different places. Your program is incredible. Just bring things out as you are able and we will all be appreciative of the advancements. Thanks so much to all of you. Steve Campbell


Thanks for stopping by, Steve. We’re glad you love it :)


Thanks for letting us know. However long it takes I am sure this will be an awesome update. Plus it takes a long time to make it perfect. Thanks for keeping up the great work with my favorite app. :)


What personal info does infinite flight collect? I dont see where and why personal info would ever need to be used


ur login data such as the email can be used by companys to be sold for advertisement. Thats the way huhe companys make money.I highly doubt IF does that tho


Laura, what you and the FDS team do is amazing! I’m sure many of us can’t express enough the level of appreciation we have for all that you do. I could never imagine all of the development, time and testing that has gone into IF, but as a fellow aviator let me tell you that it shines through in the amazing flight simulator that FDS has created. We all don’t say thank you enough! So no matter the price model, development time or set backs IF might have, there are those of us who will always support you and the team. FDS stands for the highest of quality when it comes to developers and we can’t wait to see what amazing flight experiences you will bring us next. The sky is the limit.


A lover of aviation


Hmm i wonder if there gonna have an update for the optional login or not