Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


Wow, Thanks a lot for the update, great level of detail !
I am amazed how the FDS team looks up to its community, and keeps them in the loop (they really don’t have to, but they do it anyway). I hope after all the people in the forum reads this, and will think twice about pushing for dates and timelines on future updates and understands a little bet more all the effort it takes.
I have never seen something like this before. Keep up the hard work FDS! I know all of the people that really value everything that IFS represents will be more than glad to wait and will continue to supporting you!
Cheers !


Looking forwards to when the update comes out but thanks for letting us know 🙂


Well said Laura, thank you!


Thanks a lot Laura for these news. I’ll be waiting your upcoming release. Actually I’ll be buying the whole package as soon as said update is published.
Best regards and greetings from Argentina …!

Daniel Salvia

Consultor Aeronáutico


Understandable, have a nice day.

I understand why it’s taking so long, as I and others I know have worked in app development and it does take time. Keep up the great work. Quality over quantity. 👍


100% fine with me, if it takes longer to come out, so be it. The quality you provide is amazing, and if it takes a week longer, that’s fine. Thanks for the update


Thanks for your work and responding to people


Alright thanks Laura for the message explaining the update time


It’s a-ok. I’ve always anticipated this from the start. Great job to Laura for posting this important announcement!


Rip my notifications, so much talking, it’s brilliant the amount of people talking about the TBM, the hype train is massive


Same here, I’m getting notification after notification after notification :D


I like getting notifications. It’s kinda fun to get them.


It’s fun seeing the therioies people come up with about what “soon” means.


I’m glad Laura explained to everyone.


Good explanation, I know things take time and you want the best quality aircraft which is what the community wants and again good things come for those who wait 😉


I know I’m just another commenter saying “great post, thanks” but the transparency could not be more appreciated. Sharing the real story along with experiences from the past makes the wait not an issue in the slightest.
So sincerely, thanks to the entire team. <3


Thanks for the deatailed explanation. We all love transparency and this explanation gave us that. 👍🏻


So correct me if im wrong in saying that you will be waiting with the andriod push until appls gets sorted ??

I think if you do wait with android until apple gets approved that you are showing that you treat the community the same no matter what device.
Well said and thank you for the update on current situations


So pending update got rejected for Apple, what about Android/Google Play?


The unwritten rule for these updates (as far as I know) Is if an update is rejected by Apple, then the Devs do not press the green button for the google play store till Apple accepts the update (vice-versa)