Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


Pretty good Point with global. We managed to outwait the most exiting update imaginable for our loved sim over a year… why should we loose Patience of a new Aircraft?


Very nice message Laura. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing what other monumental tasks FDS looks to tackle. FDS is hungry for top tier quality. Something that I respect and admire. You have my utmost respect and support. Thank you for sharing this information. 🙂



Thanks for explaining why I have been waiting for 1 month! I hoped there was information about the content of v.18.5, but it’s nice to know that in some days we probably will see v.18.5


Great move indeed Laura! Thanks for the transparency, I think posts like this keep us even more engaged with IF and its fab devs team. Many Thanks!


Now that I’m in BAVA and GAF I am not on here as much but I pause to take the time to say that the IF dev team deserves a ton of credit for all the work and the open communications. Personally I would far rather wait for something that works then see something rushed out. It is easy to forget how lucky we are to have a sim and community like this so let’s all try to keep
It positive. Thanks.


Well said Laura, honestly. I hope you take your time with this update. While you’re waiting, make it even better than before!!


This is why I love FDS. Thanks for the update and all of the hard work you guys are putting into this update! :)






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I enlisted in the TBM Air Force. Let’s get ‘em boys!!!


I’m so cheered up the update TBM 930



Unfortunately not. That particular issue is not directly affiliated with the app, it’s a server thing.


Thank you very much for the long and detailed explanation of what’s going on, Laura! I hope you’ll get this fixed in no time and release it for all of us! :)

I have a question. Since now you have to add a way to login without having to share “personal information”, is it possible for us (people who use Facebook/ Google login) to switch to the new login way while we keep our stats?


I have one or two questions about the thing that you will no longer need an Facebook or google account to get Pro subscriptions.

  1. Will you be also able to „fly“ online without the „F“ or „G“ when you have Pro?

  2. I have an account with quite some hours on it wich i used a google account in the past. Will I be able in the future update to still use my account with the stats even when I do not want to use the way of logging in with a google account?

In the case you might not have understand my question feel free to ask😊.


My personal opinion is that infinite flight has been great at the positive upcoming updates but when it encounters problems there’s a lack of communication which then leads to the kind of posts we’ve seen lately Laura post today was spot on sometimes I think companies don’t like giving bad news but sometimes it’s not a bad thing to give people a reality check this is a personal opinion and not a moan all the team do a great job see you at RAF Cosford


Of course.

Apple just wants us to make this optional for new accounts.


Thanks for the quick answer. Take your time to make the best product you are able to. I will be waiting. I was hoping for the the TBM to be added for about 2 years know so I am very excited.


so the TBM and other features are ready. you guys just need to fix something with the sign in process?


Fly’s a plane to a business of her dreams, devolopes planes for thousands of us on a mobile platform, addresses adversity with absolute professionalism. It really doesn’t get any better. Thank you so much for everything. The vision, the hard work, and the courage command respect. You have a great team assembled, from developers to IFC Mods, much respect as well.