Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


How do they test it? do they fly it or look in there coding


Understood thank you. Maybe I’m not understanding how Apple works, I thought once an update is “approved” it goes to the App Store (maybe delayed by an hour or so). Do you guys have to manually update the app every time?


Thank you Laura. Good explanation to everyone


This was a great insight Laura! Thank you very much for posting :D


We manually release every time just in case it’s approved overnight and testers have sent reports we haven’t read yet.


So then you have control of the time you submit it to the AppStore? Once it’s approved you can release it at any given time? So theoretically you could properly “tease” once you get the all clear from the beta folks? Feel free to correct me if I’m absolutely wrong.


Thanks Laura for explaining the process to the community. It’s grealty appreciated.


Thank you for this Laura. I’ll admit that I was a bit concerned as to a delay.
The developers get so much criticism from those who don’t know what’s going on, and the majority of the time it’s beyond your control. I hope this sheds light on this topic and people can cut you all some slack. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!


There’s never an absolute all clear. Issues can always come up at any point which could cause us to halt the rollout.


This is exactly what I’m talking about. The global update. It was highly anticipated from the beginning of last year and didn’t come out until October. It was also a “very soon” update that left a lot of people, includes me, disappointed that it didn’t come as soon as anticipated.

Like I said above, Things happen. The approval process can range from anywhere between a few minutes to weeks or even months, as what has been happening with the TBM update. Even though you didn’t anticipate having anything go wrong, the update still wasn’t approved. There is this saying my instructors and parents tell me: Expect the unexpected.

That is why it is better to announce the update is coming AFTER the update has been approved by BOTH the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. These days, it’s just too complicated with approval.


Once it gets cleared and approved by Apple it falls into the devs hands to decide when to release it. At that point even a teaser on their IG with a picture of it landing or of the aircraft/airport/whatever is being updated with “very soon” could start the hype followed by the formal update post.
I’m obviously not a developer so I don’t entirely know, but in my personal opinion I think that’s better than saying “very soon” before it even gets approved in Apple when it’s already common knowledge that it could be withheld.


No problem! Great work Laura and the IF team! Keep up the good work guys! Thank you so much for explaining!!!


Pretty sure they havent announced anything about the update itself havent they?(exept this thread ofc) Just whats coming inside the update, there is a big diffrence to me atleast


How is the subscription method/sign up privacy an issue for apple now? The current system has been in place for however long. What made them decide this time around that it’s not allowed?


A release strategy isn’t an easy thing in software development, as is obvious here. It’s also fluid, meaning there’s room for improvement, changes, and new ideas. One question we ask ourselves during a time like this is, “is the early hype a bad thing?” We all remember the hype before global. It lasted a very long time! It came in waves and I’m sure a few people lost their patience enough to stop using the app. I’ve seen some language like that for this update as well, but I’ve also read lots of positive reviews, encouragement, and great ideas. Also, approval isn’t the same as “launched”.

I floated the idea of keeping a tight lid on app updates which was met with a resounding, “No!” :) We read your comments and we’re listening. So we find a balance between sharing with the community and working with the idiosyncrasies of app development.

We’ll be back with more… soon™



Well put Jason! I’ll be sitting in the shadows now as my worries have been appeased. Good job.


I love the teasing of features and videos of production. that helps get the hype training going. I am very easy going when it comes to wait times and unfortunately a lot of the community doesnt have that patience.

the only thing that i think may need to be improved is the wording of the teases, but thats pretty much already pointed out.

After waiting for global, who cares about waiting for a release, its all in good fun and i just cant wait for each ones that come our way!


What will I do? I will take a C-17 and fly over Apple main center and troll them (in IF)


Will this be the pv6 update from the pv4? Because of the pv4 I can’t play this game online through my cellular data through t mobile. I have an iPhone and it won’t let me change it so I can play it on cellular. I can only play online through WiFi Which is very frustrating


Thanks for informing us about this and keeping us in the loop Laura. Please do realize that posts like these is something we as a community really appreciate. We like to know what’s happening.

I believe posts like these where the developers are more open and engaging are received much better by the audience and community than posting, say, 10 teaser pictures/videos.