Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


That is probably because AI checks the code for malware etc for less popular apps. IF is probably generating a enough revenue to gain attention by a human hence the more thorough checking.


This is exactly what we needed! It’s a lot harder then most think to get an app approved then most people think. This should show and answer everyone’s question, “Where is the update!” Well said, Laura!


Bottom Line, these folks (the devs) do a great job with this app. Once again a great explanation of why there are delays, but we all need some patience! Its a virtue folks! We know that they have continuously improved the app and its not gonna stop now. Thanks for all you devs do!


Well as u said ure ready to answer some questions (to Nate) I’ll use this opportunity ;)

just ignore it if u cant or dont want to answer this

So since the login situation is the reason for the review reject, is most part of the update itself were waiting for on the first view

clear of Bugs/glitches or did apple straight up stop any testing as soon as they found out about the login system?


Thank you laura for clearing this up. Its great to know that developers are aware of the community etc


Good morning and afternoon ma’am, it is sometimes way to easy to pick out the negatives when in reality its a blind action of one’s self greed. Infanite Flight still to this day is something that I never thought could become real… But it is very real!
I cant even begin to express the enjoyment and awsomeness ya’ll have brought to the community and myself. So just keep on keeping on, do what ya’ll do because challenges is all part of the game. Thank you again and enjoy your day! 🤘😁🤘


This transparency truly speaks to how amazing y’all are. Keep up the great work, we appreciate you!


As soon as they find something, you have to fix it or they won’t approve it.


Thanks Laura, I wasn’t looking for a release date but more for a message like that, and I admire that you did this, thanks and keep up the good work !


Thanks for the transparency… but im just curious how about the android version? Does it have similar issues or is it fine?


Did Samsung or the android verizon get passed through or did both get stopped?

Thanks for the update on the update also


Wait… so do they test it // fly it or look in its code?


This is the exact problem I mentioned in the previous thread.

Things happen.

Thanks for clearing this up, Laura.

But one thing I am still questioning: Why announce the TBM is coming “very soon” when it hasn’t even been approved yet?

Before, the announcement would be made when the update as been approved by both Apple and Google Play. Why be different now?

When the previous thread was made, everyone was stirred up but now many people are disappointed of it “not coming very soon.”

Check more on this post:

My point is: Maybe stick to silence until the update gets approved by Apple because things happen.


Thank you very much Laura in hopes that everything goes well. good job


It technically does, same principles apply. We decided to make things the same on both platforms to keep things simple.


Excellent Explanation.

It goes to show how much work and effort you guys put in for us to enjoy this amazing simulator.

Thank You Very Much Laura for everything you’ve done so far and for the rest of the FDS Team, A Big Thanks to all of you as well. You guys together make this simulator come alive, it’s truly fascinating how much you’ve achieved in such short time that has passed by since IF’s original release date.

Lastly, i hope that all issues that you guys are currently facing resolves, but trying to achieve something good comes with it’s fair amount of challenges, so keep on going no matter what. We will wait patiently, because it’s all worth the time for what the incredible job that you guys do :)


Thanks for the explanation :)
There is always the “but apple”😂


One thing that may have lead to this wording could be that we were not anticipating anything to go wrong with this one.
The same principle could apply if we discovered an issue after the update was approved by Apple. We could have announced it as very soon after approval, but would have to postpone if something showed up last minute. It has happened in the past.


If I understand correctly, even if it’s approved there could still be something that holds it back?

And @BigBert10 your point about silence before approval does hold validity. I’m not against teasing an update. Since it could take a mere hour or so to hit your App Store once it is approved, maybeif there’s any possible time you could tease it coming like “Coming to an App Store near you” (to steal AMC’s slogan). This would tip people off Nd the hype train could finally leave the station.


Of course, beta testers are still trying to find issues after we’ve pushed to apple, and sometimes they find things that we think are too important and need us to postpone the update.