Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


These are the updates projected for the future. There is no definitive release date


we’re pretty understanding if you had like a progress bar like , developing/beta testing , submitted to app store, rejected ( reason why) / aproved … released. I am sure it would help.


The only thing that is confirmed is the TBM 930. Please don’t spread false/unconfirmed information.


It’s very logical to have those types of delays! Keep the development smooth and as long as you have come up with a quality product, there is no need to hurry. Next time though, don’t say soon because it affects many people. Also think that if you never say “soon” and suddenly ship an update, it will come as a surprise to us, which is both win for us and for you!

Thanks for everything you do and I hope Apple approves!


Only thing confirmed for 18.5, he means.


There are other features which will hopefully come eventually, but they are not confirmed for this update. Further discussion via PM please.


But wait, whats the diffrence between running the same old system with either new or old update?😂 from apples perspective? Makes no sense to me😂


Thanks for the answer Laura, I was never aware how complicated such an update Realease is thank you for your work😍😊


please avoid spreading unconfirmed Information. There is 100% no a-10 coming in this update and the scenery isnt confirmed to come in 18.5 neither


At least Apple cares about privacy right? 😂


there has been a new Privacy law for dealing with informations in the web, I would guess that could be a reason for apples request. I’ve seen a lot of companys having work with that


Still, FDS havent even heard about it before so there is no way of them getting it done like, tomorrow. However they had an update ready so why apple denies the update thats already done. Id suppose it has something to do with FDS actually doing it asap or something… who knows


Thank you so much for the transparency! I think we all can agree that were so excited for this update. But we’ll wait patiently for when it is completely ready.


In my experience with Apple, an update approval can take go from “in review” to “approved” in mere minutes; not enough time to have actually checked anything at all. They seem to approve quickly or thoroughly at random. This one appears to have happened more thoroughly from what the developers are saying.


Wow my message has attracted a lot of attention, anyway I thougth that these updates were part of 18.5 but it turns out I was wrong, these updates were however, confirmed for the future at the flight sim expo but obviously not this update so you can’t really call it false I information, I’ve had to explain this to about 10 people now lol, so cam everyone stop criticising me, we all make mistakes…


No wonder why they got their approval time reduced, nice company i must say


Thank you for Explaining it Laura, it was much needed and very much appreciated 😊


Thank you, Laura!

Much love


I got to imagine, there is a correlation between their thoroughness and how an app has done in previous reviews. Honestly I don’t know if that’s true but it’s just a thought.


This is a wonderful explanation Laura, and it does help as a reminder, that updates aren’t always the fault of unexpected bugs that cause delays.