Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura

Thanks for the encouragement Laura!

Its good to know that you already tried to ship the update even though it was rejected and that the issues responsible for the rejection are being rectified.

This is very promising news! Thank you!


Thanks for explaining, i hope less people will be upset about the update taking a while! :)

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That’s a tough situation, having everything ready only for another issue to be discovered.

We appreciate everything you do to bring us together through this app, thank you!


Extremely well said Laura. This is a prime example showing that a lot of things can change in a short period of time and explains perfectly why giving an exact release date on upcoming updates is so difficult. Clearly sometimes stuff just comes up that needs addressing before Developers can move forward, no matter what, through no fault of the IF team themselves. I’m sure we all appreciate the hard work that all developers put into Infinite Flight and the resilience that they show when things sometimes don’t go their way, even when they are sometimes given stick for issues that may arise through no fault of their own. So, Thank You Laura & the Devs for shedding some light on this issue and here’s to the bright future of Infinite Flight!


Now this is a proper response by FDS! Well done Laura. My previous concerns about terms being used in correlation with past unpredictability while still lingering has lessened a great deal. Fluidity with honesty is a good combination behind the IF logo.
On behalf of myself and many other users thank you for your openness, your honesty, and your engagement behind our concerns. I do believe from here on out I will reference this when I’m concerned with an update or lack of information on an update.
My worries about a delayed response is now alleviated due to this simple post. When you know the backworkings behind delayed reactions you know the full scale.



Very well said Laura! I appreciate the hard work you and the team do!

they still shouldnt cancel a update for that apple could instead just ask FDS to implement that within a future update

Thank you this post is what been needed don’t think people mind waiting but when all the communication goes silent people then start speculating as always thank you all for the hard work

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Thank you so much for communicating this to us. Wise choice and proof of very strong leadership.


Thanks for the update


Thank you so much for the great explanation! It makes us feel better that we know what is happening behind the scenes, and we know that you haven’t forgot about the TBM.

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Thank You for the well detailed clarification Laura… Now I guess all those that were wearing the infinite flight t shirts everyday can give them a wash !


Thanks for explain us. I didn’t knew all the hard process to release a version. Wow, congratulations for all the team. All are doing an amazing work.

Keep flying :D

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Thank you so much for the information. Please take the time you need to get this update out! Thanks for everything you do!

As the development team and the few Beta Testers uncover bugs and improve this amazing simulator, it is understandable that there will be delays.
There is never a need to apologize for being cautious. It’s better have to have a well developed SIM arrive late than a patchy one delivered early. Look at an aircraft, you wouldn’t ship that with missing or broken parts would you?
Laura, Phillipe, the moderators, the beta testers: thank you for providing your time and effort to make this wonderful app and community even better. Ignore the ones that have no patience or leave hateful comments, it’s not them that you are working so hard for.

Appreciate what we’ve got, and look forward to what we haven’t got people.


I figured that this was probably the case. The reason they said “very soon” was because they were right about to release it before Apple rejected it. Well, it’s not the announcement I wanted but it will help me wait longer! I really can’t wait for this Laura! You all have done an amazing job!

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So what’s coming in the 18.5 update?

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All we know is that the TBM is coming!

I actually asked them to let this one slide until next update since it was either a new policy or something they clearly were not enforcing until now.

They didn’t let it slide :)


Lol everyone forgot about the other factors of the update