Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


Please dont tag devs


Please don’t tag devs.


Ok sorry about that just making a joke


You can mention Laura, just without the @ symbol.


So u should edit the @ out.


Don’t think the b737 is a rework. It just said split scimitar project. But I don’t know if they are gonna rework it or not.


They also haven’t said anything that if it is a rework or not. Not from what I’ve heard


Do we know if we have any new info about what going on since Lauras message?


We will have to wait and see.


I’m sure she will post an update when there is one.


That thing with Apple is far from being simple.

As with any other software, changes to the code has the potential to cause countless other issues. And when we’re talking about the login system, any bug or issue may have significant implications. Just imagine what happens if suddenly all subscriptions data is lost, or if existing users can’t log in, or if the new interface crashes the app…

For that reason, I’m sure they are very busy right now doing all the extensive required testing, to make sure that we all have smooth transition for the next update. Any other process would simply be unprofessional.

There’s no way to know how long it takes, but personally I would be very surprised and greatful if we get to fly the TBM before the end of this month. :)


Pouvez vous nous dire si la résolution du problème avance ?


S’il vous plaît dites en anglais, merci. Essayez d’utiliser Google Translate.

Please say in English, thank you. Try using Google Translate.


It’s probably worth noting that what’s prompting the overhaul in the login wasn’t due to FDS changing the way they handle logins. It sounded to me like Apple has decided that a login system which has been fine in previous releases needs to be more flexible. So it’s Apple changing a policy that has caused a rewrite of the login interface.


Issues are always being resolved; FDS are working around the clock to get what Apple needs done. (From my understanding, FDS have meant Apples expectations)

But again, issues will come and go, bugs will be born, some will be squashed, either way, the TBM WILL come, just have to wait some more before then.

Soon enough, you’ll see the newest addition to IF in the skies


What better way to celebrate Infinite flight global anniversary than getting the TBM


When is the anniversary?


Next month


Yeah i know that:) was asking about a date


October 11th