Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


@Laura So this means we can be expecting it like any day now if apple approves it?


Well, she talked about heavy testing so depending on how long that takes, i dont think we can in the next few days.


So now we will have individual IF user accounts and not accounts through google? If I understand correctly…


Would that mean we would lose our stats? I use Google as my login for IF.


Don’t worry, your account will still be there and accessible as it always been.


Hi Laura, does this only apply to Apple or Android ?


Both. The privacy security for both companies has changed.


Awsome can’t wait to see


Thanks for the update Laura much appreciated!


But our progress and subscription will be the same?


do not worry the data and the progress will be saved as long as they are in the same account of IF☺
by the way GREAT WORK LAURA continues like this
Greetings from BCN☺


Laura that sounds great I can’t wait to try out the new TBM and what comes in store for me and the whole community you guys are the best developer team I have ever seen I’m so proud of wacthing it progress over the years from these small regions to the whole world that’s a huge change for so little time I cannot thank you egnough I love this simulator it means the whole world to me and I don’t know how much I would be into aviation if it wasn’t for you guys

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I’m sure that FDS will make sure this update is ready for us and Apple will finally approve it. Thank you for the update Laura!


@Laura Flew the TBM at the expo this past June. Was a beautiful and fun to fly. To me it’s well worth the wait. The IF team and beta team are doing their best to provide the best product when released! Awesome job by those people, can’t wait to see what’s next for Infinite Flight🤗


I was there also, the TBM was an absolute amazing plane to fly even if it were for just a short few minutes


We shall wait to see how @RTG113 will fly it😂😂. Isnt that right @Tom_Grollman

Infinite Flight 18.5 Release

But no A330 rework??
I’m just kidding, you did a nice job on that diagram :D

[Edit: Oh yeah, true, it’s not officially confirmed yet. That makes more sense…]


Ha trust me I wish I was able too, unfortuantely it ain’t confirmed yet, if it does I will for sure add it though ;)


I wonder how long it’ll be from now for the TBM update to get pushed out. An hour? 24 hours? A week?
I guess all we know is that it’ll be here at any minute.


Yeah Christmas Eve is almost over 😂 it’s almost time to open our new gifts from Laura and the team