Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura


We understand @Laura We can wait just motivate yourself and don’t look at negativeaty and never give up.I salute you I just wish that more pilots would appreciate the amazing work you guys have done.We are one community


Thank you for the amazing app or should I call it game? Lol


Don’t you dare call IF a game 😂


Ya I know lol it is not for me and almost everyone who uses it


Yea, everyone here calls it a Sim. If you cross someone who calls it a sim and calls it a game, have fun with that argument.


I love this game and can’t wait for this latest game update


Your a bit late to the hype train!


I was replying to the guy above my comment 😂


Lol I’m such an idiot, the hype train is here anyway though lol


I might be the only one who does not care when they announce things. I love knowing that they are working on stuff!


Im making it a daily habit of waking up and tight away just checking the app sotre… i reslly have no life


Kind of disappointing that these large corporations not working with developers to streamline the update process. Well, let’s hope the TBM comes out soon. Thanks for the update, Laura.


I know that feels mate 😂


Well all I feel I can say is first of every single member of FDS stop what your doing and give your self a patt on the back your all absolute superstars and if the team for something isn’t ready or there is a hold up well I’m sorry to all those that complained of the set backs but such is life things take time do it once do it right that’s all the team at FDS try and do so for all you that have been filling up boxes with complaints, where’s the update moan moan moan pipe down and show the team some respect if they pushed anything as ready and your game crashed at start you would soon be having a good moan . Just think



Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragements :)

We’ve been working on this since Saturday and actually had a call yesterday with the Apple Review team to confirm that our design/workflow complies with their requirements.

Things are progressing but bear in mind that this new system will require some heavy testing to make sure it’s a seamless update for everyone.



Sounds Great Laura!! Can’t wait!!


Well we all hope the testing goes well for you and us at the end!


Thanks for another update Laura. It’s greatly appreciated. I think the community as well as myself really appreciate the fact you are personally providing updates with the up and coming release. I hope you continue this movement with updates with future releases. 😀 Hats off to FDS Team!!


Thats the same message twice within 1 hour?.


Sorry @George_Flack.