Infinite Flight v18.5 Message From Laura

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to answer some of the concerns we’ve seen regarding our upcoming update, v18.5, and explain why we’ve historically been keeping release dates under wraps.

We don’t communicate on the dates mostly because while we have a general idea of when we’d like to ship (every 1 to 3 months), we don’t have an exact date to share simply because we don’t know it.

This "release when it’s ready" strategy mostly stems from the randomness of software development. Let me illustrate with a few examples that happened to us:

Back in 2012, the initial release of Infinite Flight on the App Store was delayed by more than a month. It was an issue with certification in the App Store. The app randomly crashed, only when Apple’s review team used it on their WIFI. We could not get any of our beta testers to reproduce the error, it only happened on Apple’s testing environment. We sent the initial version to Apple on February 23. Back then, the review wait time was 5 to 7 days. On 2/29, we got a rejection notice. It took a lot of back and forth, often times with reviewers not responding to our messages for days, to get it to pass. Every time, we had to wait another 5 to 7 days to get reviewed, and get another rejection. That is, until 3/31/2012, when it finally passed the review process.

This was a rough start for us.

This sort of situations happened multiple times after that, sometimes because of App Store rule changes. In the past year, review times have become shorter (about a day), so those delays have had less impact after a rejection if the fixes were easy to implement. The last update we shipped (v18.4) was actually rejected, we made a fix and it was approved a day later. But sometimes, as we’ve been through in 2012, the fixes take longer.

Sometimes, our development environment is deprecating components we need and there often is no easy replacement. One such thing happened a couple of years ago. We were using an external library for authentication with Facebook & Google. Facebook had planned to deprecate an API call, we had been begging the external library developers to add support for it, but they couldn’t do it in time, which lead us to scramble to find other solutions to still support Facebook login. This delayed the release at that time because we simply couldn’t ship with a broken Facebook Authentication.

Other times, we realized late in the beta process that after flights of 20 hours or more, for example, the app may crash. That’s something that takes time to test, track, reproduce, and fix, and ultimately this can delay a release in the final stages.

Those things are hard to predict. Software development is difficult to plan, especially on short release cycles like we have today on mobile.

That’s why we say soon. To the best of our ability, we think it’ll be soon, because all indicators point to everything being ready in the near future, bearing in mind the 1 to 3 months typical release cycle. We like to ship updates just as much as the community likes receiving them and we always do our best to ship when it’s ready. Ready for us means that it’s stable and is at a level of quality we feel comfortable with.

Now, about the pending update… It was in review last week and got rejected by Apple because of the way we handle user accounts and subscriptions. They realized that we asked users to create accounts before we allowed a subscription purchase and for privacy reasons, asked us to allow users to make Facebook/Google Login optional. In short, users should be able to get Infinite Flight Pro without having to share their personal information.

We’ve been working on making this change all weekend and feel confident that this rework will not take long. Again, we cannot share any dates for the reasons above. While we are implementing this new system to comply with the rules (Android rules are the same), they may still have a few things for us to correct when they review it.

I hope this helps clarify what is happening behind the scenes.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding :)
Happy landings


Beautiful post. I think it goes a long way with the transparency of the release details.


Thank you for explaining Laura ❤️

Take your time and just notice the positive comments over the negative ones.


I thought the update was taking a while, thanks for clearing it up Laura!


Yes! An Apple statement that actually makes sense!


Thanks for explaining, Laura.

Keep working and doing you best!

Infinite Flight is such a great game, and it’ll only get better! ❤️


Yup, Infinite Flight has only gone upwards since Global came out which changed the game forever


Thanks for the explanation Laura! Will help a lot with people asking about what’s taking so long and stuff like that. Keep up the awesome work and I wish you, the devs and my former Beta mates the best! Can’t wait! 👍🏻


Insane!! Good work. Im looking forward


Feel free to point folks who have questions to this post. The explanations here will still be relevant in the future :)


Yep. Bookmarked and screenshot it. Definitely will use it in the future.

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Thank you for clearing that up for us!!


Thanks for explaining Laura! :D
It now makes sense why the update is taking longer ;)


Glad we could hear from you on these issues. Keep up the great work and just focus on what you want your goals to be. We all are very proud and happy that you guys would go such a long way to make this app what it is now. And issues are no big deal for us. We have a great amount in the sim and wish you the best of luck for what is to come. Thank a bunch!


Thanks Laura, great job. ;)


Thanks for explaining! Great things always take time ;)


Thank you for that Laura! Now everyone should spend a couple of minutes read your post and I am sure everyone will understand the meaning of the word soon.

As always, thank you, each and every developer and beta tester who makes everything run as smooth as possible!!

Thank you!


Fair play, makes sense now! fingers crossed for this attempt :)

finally explained, thx

Thanks for the encouragement Laura!

Its good to know that you already tried to ship the update even though it was rejected and that the issues responsible for the rejection are being rectified.

This is very promising news! Thank you!