Infinite flight using too much space on iPad 2017

Hey, i was just wondering if there is any way to clear the data downloaded by IF. I already have 3.5gb of data.

Delete some other apps and photos to clear up RAM and then see if it works

It’s not ram, i mean storage data, like cache. The app is working fine.

I have been hearing this same issue from some other people… Try reinstalling the app and see if that solves it. Report back what happens. Also, do you have all Aicraft downloaded?

Thanks, no i don’t have all the airplanes downloaded. I’ll try reinstalling, but i’ll have to wait a few days to see if it comes up to 3gb again.

IF uses the same space for me as well. I have all of the planes downloaded. Are you sure you arent confusing having all of the planes downloaded with the option to update all of the planes? Just because it says update doesnt mean the old files are deleted.

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Same on my end. I don’t see any issues:

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El Applicácion es 159.3MB. Lo que esta usando el espaco son los Aviones, porque tiene que descargar los datos como el ruido del motor y el modelo del avión. Yo tambien tengo lo mismo de 3.15GB en mi Settings de espacio.

The App is 159.3MB. What is using the space are the airplanes, because you need to download the data such as the engine noise and model of the airplane. I also have the same 3.15GB in my Storage settings.


Yeah i think it’s the planes, just figured out i had all of them downloaded, i thought not because it said update.
This topic can be closed now. Thanks.

That’s not how you clear ram.

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